About Us

The idea for Squirrel Pillow was born during Thanksgiving 2017 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Founder, Mike McGilly, was hosting family from out-of-town for this holiday when one of the family members staying in the guest bedroom mentioned how he had left his knee pillow back home in Ohio.  He had multiple back surgeries over the decades, and using a knee pillow for pain relief was a part of his nightly routine.

Mike, having used a pillow between his knees for years, was surprised to find that the medical industry has been recommending that patients sleep with a pillow between their knees as a way to achieve lower-back comfort while side-sleeping.

Because of the poor quality of existing knee pillows, Mike began diligently sourcing the best materials and testing dimensions and specifications to design the most effective and high quality knee pillow on the market.

Rex gets it.